Private Lessons

While the Gracie Academy is internationally famous for the quality of its group classes, some people prefer to start with private training. Private classes enable the instructor to teach the lessons in the order that will optimize learning and to adapt techniques to suit an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Each private lesson begins with a review of previously learned techniques, followed by the introduction of 2-3 new techniques. Once you fully understand the new techniques, the instructor will show you how to combine them with previously learned techniques in a series of Reflex Development Drills. This process continues until you have mastered all the techniques in the module.


Pricing options:

1hr with a Blue Belt = $50

1hr with a Purple Belt = $75

1hr with a Brown Belt = $90

1hr with a Black Belt = $110


Like discounts?

Jump start your training through our Fast Track program, with options as low as $40 per month.


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